Here we have 3 pictures of Gurb until 1946.

We can see that on the first one there are fields everywhere. On the second one some houses start to appear, and on the current picture there are very few fields and a sports centre has been built. The evolution is from fields, to fields and roads, and finally to a lot of houses with some fields.




Here we can see the industrial estate. Like on the other photos, in the past there were fields everywhere, but now everything is urbanized.




Here we can see the road C-17, a very important road in the area which connects Vic and Barcelona. Some years ago it was not there yet, which means that in the past it was very difficult to get to Barcelona.




These are the photos were we can see better that Gurb were just fields in the past, and there were no residential areas, but these have appeared throughout the years and there are many now.




Gurb nowadays vs. 1940




In these images we can see a comparison between Gurb in 1914 and nowadays. To compare these two maps, we’ve put an old map on top of a current map taken from Google Earth.

In the first image we can see Gurb in the year 1914. We can see that there were less roadsm, but the main ones already existed. Instead, in the actual image we can see that the number of roads have increased.




That’s a comparison of how an area in Gurb was in 1900 and another of how it is nowadays.

In the image of the past we can see that there were no houses and a lot of fields, while now there are some houses and less fields. We can also see that some roads were already there, but streets weren’t.

In the actual image we can see that there is football camp and there are still the same roads as before, but there also are some streets.