These are 3 photos of the industrial zone of Vic until 1946.

On the last photo we can clearly see that the landscape has been transformed into an industrial zone, but on the other two there are only fields in the zone, without any signal of a future industrial estate.



In these photos we can see the evolution of Vic. Vic has always been a town, but we can see that the amount of residential areas has grown.




Vic nowadays vs. in 1940




These photos are a comparison between Vic in 1881 and Vic nowadays. To compare them, we’ve put an old map on top of a current map taken from Google Earth.

On these images we can see the old town. In the first image, we can observe the center of Vic, but there aren’t the outskirts because they didn’t exist. However, we can see the shape of the old zone of the residential area.




On these photos of Vic we can see how the town was in 1900. The biggest difference is that, in the past, there were no houses, only fields. It’s important to say that a lot of the current roads had already been built because of the separation between the fields.




On these images of Vic we can see an image of how the town was in 1900 and another of how it is nowadays. We can see that the city centre was already there, without big changes comparing it to the present. However, there were a lot of fields around the centre, while now most of the fields are built. With this, the city has grown a lot.